We work the Serpentine

Marmi Mauri, Valmalenco, extracts serpentine which is a precious stone that tends to occur in varying shades of green and diverse tonality and shades. The two varieties present in Marmi Mauri's quarries are victory green, from Dossi di Franscia and Valbrutta and sea green which is extracted from Le Prese.

From the start of the 90s, Marmi Mauri has specialised in working with serpentine and processing it to create stone stoves, marble external cladding and beautiful internal decorations.

Working in Lanzada since 1970

In 1936 Mauri Angelo, Mauri Italo's father, came from Galbiate (province of Lecco) arrived at Chiesa in Valmalenco, where he worked as a quarry menager at Serpentino d'Italia, owned by Senator Migoni.
In the early 1950s he worked in Lanzada for the construction of the Campo Franscia tunnels, built to reach the Campo Moro dams.
In Tornadri, the "trovanti" (abandoned rock) of Serpentine add up and subsequently begin their excavation activity, under the name of Mauri Angelo. At the time the activity consisted in the extraction and sale of the Serpentine.
Dissatisfied with the different types of colors of the blocks, he worked to obtain a concession for Le Prese quarry, from which he obtained more uniform blocks.
In 1954, fourteen-year-old Mauri Italo began collaborating with Le Prese quarry and in 1970, when he became the owner, he opened the Dossi di Franscia quarry.
In 1995 the sons Mauri Roberto, Mauri Claudio and Mauri Angelo took over and Marmi Mauri srl started. This company, in addition to the extraction of the material, also deals with its processing to obtain finished products.
Nowadays, the fourth generation of the family works in the company (Mauri Paolo).

What sets us apart

Why choose us?

Over 50 years of experience 1
We have been dealing with the extraction and processing of the serpentine since 1970: in all these years we have gained experience to make the most of this precious marble.
We give value to the Serpentine 2
Each product is subject to quality controls and specific treatments to make it last over time and to preserve its value and beauty.
Attention to the customer 3
We satisfy the requests of our customers by producing coatings, furnishings, and made-to-measure materials according to various needs.
Continuous development 4
We are constantly looking for new improvements in order to make the most of our Serpentine, and to produce high quality material.
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