Soluzioni all'insegna dell'eleganza a Lanzada

Serpentine Flooring

Marmi Mauri is equipped to install serpentine flooring, a solution with essential and elegant finishes, especially when the marble is polished.​

Serpentine flooring is often requested by out customers. The serpentine offers the possibility to opt for various shades of green: light green if sandblasted, bush-hammered, honed and aged, or dark if brushed, dark honed or polished.

The finishes of this material enhance its undeniable elegance, especially if it is polished. Not extremely hard, serpentine tends to be softer than granite and more resistant than marble.

The uses of Serpentine

External coatings and tiles

Serpentine flooring is just one of the many applications for the rock extracted and processed by the Lanzada company. Thanks to its brightness, serpentine can also be used to create fine tiles for interior walls or for the internal and external cladding of some types of buildings like banks and institutional offices. Its appearance is unmistakable: it looks like a green stone that takes on a particularly refined shade when subjected to a polishing process.​

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