Serpentine quarry at Dossi di Franscia

In the heart of Valmalenco, in the province of Sondrio, Marmi Mauri company extracts, from the depths of the rock, a material of great value, which gives color and quality to the external and internal environments: il Verde Vittoria Serpentine.

Our company owns several owned marble quarries, including the one located in Frascia, in locality Dossi, in the municipality of Lanzada.

Verde Vittoria Serpentine

The precious Verde Vittoria Serpentine is extracted from Dossi di Franscia and Valbrutta quarries; this precious, versatile marble can satisfy various needs and has numerous applications in the civil and industrial fields. For example, it is perfect for the interior furnishings like wall tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and wood-burning stoves covered in stone (so they can keep the heat for hours). It is ideal for creating outdoor furniture and urban construction and it also lends itself to realisations of funerary art and precious artifacts, tombstones, plaques and much more.


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Serpentine extraction from Valmalenco

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